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Every April, my associate Melissa Bolt, and I have the pleasure of visiting one of our favorite cities—Milan. We attend the Salone del Mobile for the purpose of seeing the latest trends and innovations in the world of furniture, although this enormous gathering of fabulous goods gives us much insight into other areas of design as well. This is Italy, after all, where every facet of home furnishings is explored and relished.

Wood look oven and stovetop Wood block with seat

We stay with our good friend, Grazia Billio, a gifted colorist who also happens to be the VP and one of the founders of Color Coloris,


an organization that brings together color experts from many industries, and presents a day-long color experience every year in November ( I met Grazia through another dear friend, colleague, and multi-talented designer, Vittorio Giomo. Vittorio is the very colorful President of Color Coloris.

Grazia’s charming home is in the heart of the Brera district, the design center of Milan. Every year, the Brera bursts with activity and creative output as designers from all over the world who attend the Salone also find their way to the Brera. Grazia guides us through the hordes of people all anxious to see what’s new in design.

COY vases in window Milan

(Of course, along the way are the foods and flavors that Italy is known for.) It always amazes us that so many people have the energy to trudge the fair and then party into the wee hours, but everyone is exhilarated by the intimate connection to both design and color.

We also visited La Triennale di Milano, a design museum in Milan where Melissa could photograph even more images that would enable us to remember all that we see while visiting the area.

View from Triannale

White ceiling treatment

Red living room Triannale

Just to give you a flavor of the Salone, the Brera, and the Triannale, we are sharing a few of the 1,800 photos with you. May be this will whet your appetite for your own visit to Milan…





Design student necklace

Design student light

Ceiling acoustic treatment

Jeans pile Jeans n tees chair

Fluorescent shelf and mirror Floral arrangement

Wolf chair



What Is Pink And White And Smells Amazing?

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March 30, 2012

In the last six months, I have had four “border crossings” to speak at events in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto. In keeping with the Canadian theme I wanted to share another wonder from the north.

Every year out friends in Vancouver British Columbia celebrate the Spring season with Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. Blossoms are expected to be at their peak for this years festival launch.

As our friend and executive director of festival, Linda Poole, tells us…“The sixth annual Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (VCBF) is planning quite the party to bring much joy to the city April 5-28. Exuberant festivities at Cherry Jam Downtown inside Burrard SkyTrain Station on April 5 from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. will launch a city-wide, month-long celebration to welcome Spring to the city.”

If you are going to be traveling to Canada or are already in the area stop by and enjoy all the amazing pink and white cherry blossoms. I can almost smell them from here.

Happy 140th Birthday, Mondrian!

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March 7, 2012

“Art is not made for anybody and is, at the same time, for everybody.”-Piet Mondrian


Back in 2010 I wrote a blog about Mondrian. At that time there seemed to be a resurgence of products that were inspired by his wonderfully expressive art. Today is the 140th birthday of Piet Mondrian and one that I think is worth celebrating.


Here is an excerpt of what I feel to be the reason behind our attraction to Mondrian.


We are drawn to the simplicity of the primary palette because it taps into our inner child. The basic shapes and colors together are pleasing without being overly complex.

Happy 140th Birthday, Piet Mondrian!.

Black, White and Blue

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July 8, 2011

Sometimes things aren’t  just black and white. Take this Blue penguin for example. No, really, don’t you just want to take him? 

“Recently the color of Little Blue Penguins was found to be generated by a new type of structural color.”

“Bird feathers have pigments like melanins and carotenoids – we even have evidence for color in the fossil penguin Inkayacu from fossilized melanin-bearing structures. Color can also be produced by physical interactions between light and biological nanostructures. These colors are called structural colors.”

Please click the link at the bottom for the full story.

Structural Color in the Little Blue Penguin « March of the Fossil Penguins.

Nice Day For A White Wedding

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February 28, 2011
One of our color loving colleagues, Jude Stewart, has written an interesting article about color, tradition and weddings. It is a very fascinating look at the use of white in weddings throughout time. A quote from Jude’s post states that “Custom has decided, from the earliest ages, that white is the most fitting hue, whatever may be the material. It is an emblem of the purity and innocence of girlhood, and the unsullied heart she now yields to the chosen one.”

Chapter 13 in Colors For Your Every Mood is dedicated to white and its mark in society. Here is an excerpt about “Innocent White”.

“There is an innocence to white, a christening-dress kind of chasteness, an unsullied childlike naivete. It is traditionally the color of babies or brides. Baptismal and confirmation dresses are white, and some orders of nuns are married ceremonially to the church in a white gown. The ancient Greeks started the tradition of white at weddings, which they saw as a bridal symbol of joy. On the eve of her wedding ceremony, the Greek bride painted her body white, on her wedding day she wore white flowers in her hair and a flowing white gown. For thousands of years, the Japanese have seen white as pure, innocent, and virginal. The ladies of the court and shrine maidens, however, wore their white kimonos over red pantaloons! In the United States, white did not become the standard color for wedding dresses until the 1800s, and colonial brides wore a variety of pastel colors.”

color colour fashion style clothes wedding bride marriage tradition

November 2010

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November 5, 2010

One of our favorite sites to follow is The site features as you may have guessed is art and all things interesting that are white, black and red. On Lee’s recent trip to Paris she found some lovely housewares that are white, black and red that we would like to share.

When it isn’t just black and white.

How about a little sugar cube?

Subconscious stimulation…sleep on that.

If this has wet your whistle please stop by for more


I am not sure who makes two of the lovely items shown above. If you know please share.

November 1, 2010

One of the few places I have never traveled to, but is definitely on my list now, is Curacao. It’s been called the “Treasure of the Caribbean” and some recent phtotos in the American Airlines Magazine “American Way” shows it as a very colorful place indeed. As if the turquoise waters lapping up on an isolated beach were not enough, my eyes were riveted by the colors on the exterior of the buildings.

With the cool weather coming upon us, Curacao looks very tempting. But if you can’t join us there (whenever that might be) perhaps you would like a respite in California at the end of January. We will be going back to Burbank for the second year now to do the three and a half day Color/Design class. We do manage to have some fun, but we are there primarily to learn, observe, participate in and absorb the ever-fascinating subject of color in its many applications.

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