David Hockney

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On my way back from London where I was attending color-forecasting meetings, I enjoyed several days in New York where I delivered a seminar at the National Stationery Show. The Big Apple is always full of interesting things to do and see and, on that particular weekend, I noted that a film was being shown at Lincoln Center that I had read about. The subject was David Hockney, the English-born artist, and the film is simply titled: “Hockney”.

Hockney-A Bigger Splash-1967

Hockney has always fascinated me. He arrived in Los Angeles at about the same time I did—in the golden Beach Boys days when the surf was always up and so was the mood of L.A. It was a magical place, filled with sunshine and energy. It was a Technicolor city spread out between orange groves, mountains, and the ever-presence of the blue Pacific,but if sea-and- sand was not readily available, there were the ubiquitous swimming pools.

Hockney managed to capture the feel and look of the area through his many paintings,especially those of swimming pools. He was so enamored of the California lifestyle– “It’s got all the energy of the United States but with the Mediterranean thrown in,” says David Hockney of Southern California in the new feature-length documentary Hockney—and its pools, that he painted a mural on the bottom of the pool at the iconic Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood—the scene of many parties and photo shoots.

Hockney-Portrait of Nick Wilder-1966

The film I saw at the Lincoln Center was a delight, showing much of Hockney’s wide array of talents. The director of the film, Randall Wright, stated that his mission was to show a “strong sense of place from two very different landscapes– the vast bright spaces of California and the moody hills of East Yorkshire. The creative push and pull of these absolute opposite environments energizes David’s constant search for answers, both creative and personal.“ He also pointed out that “digital cinema is now brilliant for reproducing painting. The color accuracy and the image resolution is breathtaking.
David’s paintings look stunning on the big screen.”
Hockney-California Copied from 1965 Painting in 1987-1987

Indeed they do, and should you have a chance to view this engaging story of an artist and his life and work, it is well worth the time. To whet your appetite, watch the YouTube trailer for the film.



Speak, See, And Hear Color.

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October 19, 2012

In my first book I asked John Williams, who has written musical scores for “Star Wars” and “E.T.,” if he had ever written music to correspond to color in a film. He said that when he composed the score for “Close Encounters” he developed a distinctive musical signature to announce the presence of something mysterious in outer space. The sound of each note was given a different color on the screen.

In The Rainbow Book, it tells about famed artist Wassily Kandinsky, who compared the sounds of musical instruments to colors. He perceived light, warm red and medium yellow as strong, vigorous, and triumphant-the sounds of trumpets.

Today we are seeing this synesthetic color interpretation in Jeffrey Wirsing’s costume work in the hit HBO series Boardwalk Empire. I am devoted to the show. I am taken with every aspect of this show and it has been the subject of many water cooler conversations. Of course it was fascinating to find out that there was a color connection with the designer who is a “sympathetic synesthete”.

My favorite character on the show is the leading female character, Margaret Thompson, played by Scottish actress Kelly MacDonald. She started on the show as a needy widow who met Nucky Thompson, the leading bad guy in the series (not a nice person) and went on to marry him, primarily to provide a home for her two young children. Her character progresses into a person quite admirable for her charity work and belief in women’s health causes, in spite of being married to a mobster! The transitioning of her wardrobe was fabulously done—from plain to the high fashion of the day in the 20s. The colors and the designs are wonderful and a really well-researched part of the show.

Margaret Thomspon Season One

Margaret Thompson Season Three. She has come a long way since season one and you
can see it in this image.

Below is an excerpt from his interview in Psychology Today.

Jeffrey Wirsing talked about his work on the show “I have been working for the past almost four years on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, set in the 1920s, where I have found a great use of all my skills, in costume, in restoration, in my printed fabrics and my color sense for dyeing fabrics.”

Jeffrey Wirsing created the Nubian costumes in this scene.
I know you can’t see them here but they existed.

Do you watch Boardwalk Empire? Who is your favorite character?

When Movement And Form Are Color | Psychology Today.

Radical Uniform Redesign

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September 22, 2011

During an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, I mentioned the college football uniform changes I had been seeing. Apparently I was not the only one who took notice. Dave Sheinin digs deeper into this in his article Dressed for Success in College from The Washington Post.

“If you have turned on the television in the first half of September to immerse yourself in the familiar rituals of college football, you may have been in for a visual shock. Some of the most prominent teams in the country have undergone radical redesigns of their uniforms — some permanently, others for one selected game this season.”

 College football uniforms are getting more outrageous, thanks to Nike, Under Armour – The Washington Post.

Suit Up and Finish with Coats of Many Colors (for Men)

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January 28, 2011

Today I dedicate this post to the men in our lives. Often we women are talking about what colors we should be wearing or how we can look our best and I wondered if the men felt left out. In the event that they do feel left out, I offer up this little gem for the man who wants to make a statement with his wardrobe.

The Hollywood Reporter gives the man some tips on How to Dress The Part White Collar.

“From his fedora to footwear choices, Neal Caffrey-the dashing con atist-turned-FBI consultant on the USA Network drama White Collar-can probably claim the mantle of best-dressed man on television. “Neal’s look is Rat Pack-meets-Harry Belafonte-meets Thomas Crown with a little bit of Alain Delon in Le Samourai,” says the show’s star, Matt Bomer. In the series, Neal is rarely seen in anything but impeccably tailored suits (John Varvatos and Simon Spurr are favorites) with slim-fit, French cuff dress shirts. Sharp men’s accessories including bold-patterened ties with sterling tie bars, pocket squares and cuff links refine his style…”

“The focus is classic pieces with unexpected pairings like a textured pink shirt with a lavender tie.”

Do you want to know how you can recreate Neal’s look?

1. Find a reputable tailer. “A good tailer can make a $150 suit look like $1000, but a $1000 suit that isn’t properly tailored can look like it only cost you $150.”

2. Invest in the basics. “Every guy should own a couple of sharp dress shirts in simple colors like white and blue that are versatile.”

3. Suit up. “You need black, navy and, for those warmer-eather moments, maybe gray or a light-tan suit.”

4. Remember that the accessories make the man. “Your cuff links, ties and tie bars should reflect your character.”

For those of you men out there who prefer to make more of an impact and who may think outside of the box, consider adding a flashy jacket to finish your ensemble.

Coats of Many Colors (for Men) – WSJ.com.

Every Girl’s Crazy About A Colorfully Dressed Man

January 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

January 13, 2011

I have never seen such a beautiful display of peacocking. Wow!  I’m not sure if that is what you would call this but I couldn’t resist. Enjoy this link to men in all their color glory! Who could resist?

Apparently not me!

Photo from Style.com shot by Tommy Ton

Tommy Ton Shoots the Scene at the Menswear Shows.

What do you think? Do you like a man who isn’t afraid of Color?

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