Color Vs Black/White

November 18, 2013 § 6 Comments

November 18, 2013

Have you ever stopped to think about how color truly affects our lives? I understand the joy of color and know, first hand, how color can influence most aspects of our day to day existence. Then I remembered a movie that does a lovely job of capturing the transformative aspects of color.

That movie is Pleasantville. While I was watching the movie I had a bit of an epiphany. I then Googled Pleasantville and found this gem of a quote from Warren Epstein (The Gazette) on Wikipedia that really summed it up.


“This use of color as a metaphor in black-and-white films certainly has a rich tradition, from the over-the-rainbow land in The Wizard of Oz to the girl in the red dress who made the Holocaust real for Oskar Schindler in Schindler’s List. In Pleasantville, color represents the transformation from repression to enlightenment. People – and their surroundings – change from black-and-white to color when they connect with the essence of who they really are.”

Have you ever stopped to think about your immediate color world? What colors give you the connection to who you really are?

I was once asked “If you could live without color, where would you give up color?” 

Would you be willing to give up color?


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§ 6 Responses to Color Vs Black/White

  • Patrizia says:

    Thanks Leatrice. I really appreciate because even working on contrast and other stuff on my monitor I couldn’t do any better. My eyes say thank you very much 😀

  • Pleasantville is one of my all time favorite movies! It speaks so much about the awakening of the human spirit on so many levels. The use of color in this movie is brilliant. An area without color for me, would be the background of my most creative space. It would be neutrals and light, but all of the tools and materials would provide the color and inspiration. In that scenario, my outside world and preferences would not influence or distract from being present to the moments, hours and days of pure creativity.

    • Leatrice Eiseman says:

      Shelly, this is such a beautiful response. You have the right idea for removing color in your creative space. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Patrizia Vitrano says:

    Hello Leatrice. Color really affects my life in such a way that I can’t read you blog post using this e-mail due to the low contrast of grey text on white background and made me feel nervous 🙂

    Regards, Patrizia Vitrano

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    via G. Ingegneros 58 I 90146 Palermo tel. +39 327 015 8728 patrizia.vitrano, skype patrizia.vitrano


    • Leatrice Eiseman says:

      I darkened the font on the most recent post and hope that makes a difference. Thank you for the feedback.

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