HICKIES® For Everyone!

August 15, 2012 § 4 Comments

August 15, 2012

Many people aren’t aware of exactly the work I do. Yes, it is true that I wear many hats. One aspect of my job is as an expert color consultant for companies. I am hired to help establish a trend focus in color and mood enlisting color psychology and consumer color preferences, researching lifestyles, demographics, the marketplace and outstanding competitors (if in fact, there are any). We work with a variety of clientele with varying needs and priorities; from firmly established brands to start-up companies. Recently we assisted in a product launch with a young couple on their new product called HICKIES®. As they state on their website:

“HICKIES® is an elastic lacing system that replaces traditional shoelaces and lets you easily slip in and out of your shoes while keeping them snug and secure. Never tie or untie your shoes again! Get rid of the bows and customize your footwear.”

I was thrilled when I recently received an update from them with a link to their Kickstarter page. It was great to see their vision come to fruition on such a compelling platform. I am even happier to say that their product was considered a Kickstarter success. It is easy to see why.

We had a lot of fun compiling imagery and a color scheme and the rationale for the HICKIES®. As a consultant you give a direction that you feel best represents the various aspects of the clients’ needs, but it is always up the them to decide what the final product will be.

I hope to see these featured in street style blogs one day. What do you think? Will you pick up a pack of HICKIES®?

Please take a moment to watch their video.



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§ 4 Responses to HICKIES® For Everyone!

  • Caren Sage says:

    Lee, this is off the current topic, but it’s been rattling around my brain. We had to stay in a Marriott property in California. My sister, Alicia Keshishian, who has enormous respect for your work, came for a quick visit. She immediately commented that their color use was alllllll cockamamie! Deep red in the bedroom, she proclaimed, made for a very poor night’s sleep. Since my husband travels for work a lot, he perked up his ears. Good sleep while on business travel is, as you well appreciate, critical. What amazed me was that a company with such enormous resources would be unaware of the consequences of the designs and color schemes they chose! When Alicia described the human / color interaction in that setting, it made all the sense in the world! Quick! Contact Marriott! Help them see the light (or the color, I should say!)
    Caren (Keshishian) Sage

    • eisemanandassociates says:

      Alicia is wonderfully talented and insightful and I agree except for one factor and that would in the bedroom where the lights go off prior to going to sleep, your eyes are closed while sleeping, so less of a consideration. However, there is still the factor of time spent prior to the lights going off where you might feel stimulated over a protracted time period. If the room is meant for decompression time, one of the cooler or more neutral tones would be a better choice and yes, Alicia should get in touch with Marriott so she can work her magic with color, which is considerable in her designs! Thank you for getting in touch.

  • Britta Plathner says:

    Hello!   Just an FYI, this turquoise font is very difficult to read…


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