The Human Eye Is Notoriously Fickle

September 15, 2011 § 4 Comments

September 14, 2011

I was interviewed for the following article that appeared in Women’s Wear Daily Beauty Inc. and edited by Belisa Silva. 

The article included some of the outstanding summer colors that are showing staying power for the fall.

What colors were your favorites this summer and what colors will you transition into fall?


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§ 4 Responses to The Human Eye Is Notoriously Fickle

  • J Schwanke says:

    Yesterday In New England… Talking the Trends in Flowers for Fall/Winter 2011 and into 2012… (and also Using your Color-Amazing-ness as a Reference)… I shared the following:

    Transitional Colors for Fall… (beyond the Yellows/Golds, Amber, Orange,Red and NOW Chartreuse… that are Traditional)

    Burgundy… (Seedum Blossoms) Spinning off Honeysuckle and intensified for Fall!

    Purple…(Stock and Ornamental Kale) Purple seems so Natural in a Fall Combination OR as a STAND ALONE…

    Silver Grey Blues (Eucalyptus Seeded/Pods and Acacia Foliage) paired so well with Orange (Pin Cushion protea) … and reminds me of the CLEAR Crisp BLUE Sky situated next to Orange/Red Autumn Trees…

    The Most Excitement came from Introducing INDIGO… The only Flower Readily Available in INDIGO is the Hybrid Delphinium…and it’s Magnificent! The EXCITEMENT it caused with Introduction and then in combination with:

    Greens & Purples (artichokes)
    Chartreuse (grasses and hedge apples)
    Brown (BROWN Sunflowers and Amaranthus…. ohhhhh!!! )
    and finally HONEYSUCKLE… (pairing the Hugely Popular Protea… in all shapes and sizes… )

    INDIGO… Immediate STAR Quality… I heard it from you First Lee In Dallas! Amazing!!!

  • Congrats! Is there a lnk to the article?

    • eisemanandassociates says:

      The article is actually on the bottom left of the flower picture. It was a small article. WWD is subscription based so it can’t be linked to.

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