Colorfully Creepy

August 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

August 19, 2011

I know this isn’t the typical color story that we like to share but it was so visually interesting that we thought it just might work. I always thought of ants as more of a nuisance rather than backyard entertainment but Mohamed Babu has found a way to change that perception. Babu found if you have some sugar, food coloring, paraffin wax and a quick hand you have the opportunity to turn an ant swarm into an art form (of sorts).


I wonder if the ants had negative reactions to the red food coloring?

The ants whose multi-coloured abdomens show exactly what they’ve been eating | Mail Online.


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  • iHUEMAN says:

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  • J Schwanke says:

    I would suspect that the Ants were attracted to the Yellow… because that is the Color of Pollen and where the nectar is on Flowers… and also the Green because they are also attracted to the Chlorophyll in Leaves….Not too many Blue Flowers (YET)… Wondering if the QUEEN Was Attracted to the RED… higher sex drive???

    YOU Have the BEST BLOG Lee… THE BEST!!!

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