Ditch The Blue Shirt Wear PINK!

May 31, 2011 § 7 Comments

May 31, 2011

In June’s 2011 issue of Men’s Health a reader wrote in to Ask Men’s Health for dress shirt color alternatives to blue. Their response was a “one word answer”….

What do you think? Do you like it when a man wears pink? 


§ 7 Responses to Ditch The Blue Shirt Wear PINK!

  • Lisa Ann says:

    Personally I love it. There are some great shades of pink out there and some very nice peach (not orange) and purple (not Barney purple)
    The white shirt and the blue shirt are so boring!

  • J Schwanke says:

    Based on this BLOG… I bought a PINK Shirt to wear for the JUNE Holiday and Home Expo in Dallas…
    Looking forward to seeing your presentation there…my Stylist LOVED the PINK Shirt…
    I LOOK Great in PINK!!!! Thanks!!!

  • Lori Absher says:

    I think men wearing pink shows confidence and ability to step out of the norm. Confidence in knowing who they are and not afraid to make that statement known to the world. There is also that sense of sexuality associated with pink, so a certain amount of vulnerability is present. I think, DO IT!

    • eisemanandassociates says:

      I love the fresh glow that pink gives to ones complexion. Men really look great in pink.

  • Beadphoria says:

    I love it when a man wears pink. I think it shows he is willing to be bold with his choices. He is confident enough to be able to wear any color he wants.

    Wishing You Creativity,
    Suzann Sladcik Wilson

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