Honeysuckle Lips and a Gap Tooth Pout!

December 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

December 30, 2010

Can you spot the three trends in this picture?

Photograph by Terry Richardson

I absolutely think this model, Lindsay Wixson, is ADORABLE! I might almost say she is perfection. Ok, I am wixsing poetic. Waxing. I know, I went too far. Who could resist such a face? I must also mention that I am a midwestern girl and have a soft spot for other fellow midwesterners. She is from Wichita, Kansas.

Enough about Lindsay, for now…

Back to the three trends. Did you figure them out?

1. Honeysuckle Lips. You knew we would put that first as it is the color of the year for 2011. Hot! Hot! Hot!

Photograph by Terry Richardson

2. Lindsay Wixson. Ranked #12 out of 50 top models, Donatella Versace’s muse and the face of Versace’s new fragrance Vanitas.

3. Make-up 101 for spring 2011. Bold lip with a soft and natural eye.

Like I said….Perfection!

I would like to take this time to say THANK YOU to all of our readers!
You have made 2010 a great year for us.

Here is to another colorful year…


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