Surrealists Shocking Flacon

July 2, 2012 § 2 Comments

July 2, 2012

We are inclined to not think of women in the 1930′s as product designers yet there were some, though few. Among them was the multi-talented Leonor Fini, the designer of the flacon for Elsa Schiaparelli’s Shocking perfume. Fini was born in Argentina, raised in Italy, and moved ultimately to Paris where she too was closely associated with avant-garde creatives Dali, Picasso, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Max Ernst. Her prolific body of work includes illustrations and paintings, as well as costumes and décor for theatre, ballet, opera and film.

Musée international de la Parfumerie, Grasse
14/04/2012 : Grasse, boulevard du Jeu-de-Ballon, Musée international de la Parfumerie : “Shocking”, Schiaparelli (Leonor Fini, 1936)

Click the image for more on Leonor Fini.

You might say that Leonor Fini was the Lady Gaga of her time. 

The following is a quote from a biography on Fini that sheds some insight on the daring woman. 

“Her eccentric persona and flamboyant dress was rivalled only by Dali. This was not posturing showmanship but a form of integral surrealist expression that uses the entire body as theatre to protest against conventional society.”

Celebrate women who push the boundaries and challenge the norm!

What women do you think push the boundaries and challenge societal conventions today?

Land Art Lost And Found

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June 26, 2012

As you may or may not know I co-authored the new book, Pantone The 20th Century in Color, which came out this past fall. The book is a highlight of notable events by decade and relevance that helped to shape the color perspective from art to industrial, interior and fashion design and everything in between.

One of my favorite chapters in the book is from the 70s titled Land Art. We chose to include Land Art because of its historical significance as well as its colorful contribution to our lives. We mention artists like Robert Smithson who “explored ideas of terrestrial beauty and fragility” with his Spiral Jetty and James Turrell’s Roden Crater Project where through tunnels and rooms he tries to “transform the land into a meditation on light and mass”.

Image Credit: Ray Boren

Who wouldn’t want to meditate in a crater?

Here is an excerpt from that chapter.

“The budding environmental movement underscored the idea of Earth’s fragility: far from being an endless source of raw materials and a bottomless receptacle for waste, the planet came to be seen as a living, breathing entity in its own right. Earth was now something to cherish-not merely to profit from.”

Today we are seeing a revival in this movement with the new exhibit at Museum Of Contemporary Art (MoCA) in Los Angeles. It appears that there is a new generation of artists that wants to celebrate Earth as the star of their art.

Have you seen the Spiral Jetty in person? Have you meditated under the stars in a crater?

‘Ends Of The Earth’ Brings Land Art To MoCA (PHOTOS).

The Comics To Cartoon Clothing

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June 18, 2012

Cartoons come to life in this effervescent palette, The Comics. Funny paper hues pop off the page in whimsical ways that bring a smile and create the need to take some time to play. Ominous Phantom Black provides the backdrop for sulphuric yellow and fiery red. A flash of green provokes a strong blue while an inky cyan plays up to honeysuckle and primrose. It’s quirky joy and spontaneity.

Colorwatch panel from the Housewares Show


“Forever 21 will roll out a small assortment of’Simpsons’ T-shirts for men and women, while Fox’s long-term global partner H&M is currently selling new ‘Simpsons’-themed boys’ wear. The Swedish retailer will also make ‘Ice Age’ Ts to coincide with the summer sequel ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift,’ as will midtier retailer C&A.”


It is always fun to watch a forecast become part of the mainstream in home and now in fashion. Jeremy Scott is the perfect match for this whimsical palette.


Are you seeing The Comic influence?

Cartoon Clothing, Thanks to Twentieth Century Fox | The Fix | Daily Front Row.

Fashion Brands Tie Up With Twentieth Century Fox – Fashion Scoops – Fashion –

Color Touches Everyone

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June 5, 2012


By now you may have read that Queen Elizabeth has been color coded. Pantone and Leo Burnett came up with a special edition color wheel for her Diamond Jubilee. The Queen has spanned many color trends during her reign and is a wonderful subject of color.


I was quoted throughout the guide regarding one of my quotes on using a singular color family.

“The Diamond Jubilee Color Guide is a celebration of that reign through color and its meaning. The Queen’s decision to favor one color in every outfit is a strong style statement. Monochromatic color schemes make the wearer appear taller, delivering a more stately air—perfect given that Queen Elizabeth is not tall at 5-foot-4. Choosing one color theme also ensures the outfit does not detract attention from the wearer—which is particularly important if you’re the Queen.”


Today, you don’t have to be a Queen to have your own color code. Get your own personal fanguide to color YOUR life’s jubilee. Purchase the More Alive With Color book and fanguide for a special Jubilee combination price of just $39.95 and unlock your own personal Colortime.


By reading More Alive With Color you will learn how to use color to make you feel more secure and successful. Avoid expensive mistakes with color. Use color with confidence to bring out your creativity. Understand what goes with what and why. Discover what color says about you. You will also learn about monochromatic color schemes to help you channel your inner British monarch.


This special offer won’t last as long as the Queen’s reign so don’t wait!

For more information about the book and fanguide click here.

This is a special deal for all the followers of this blog, Twitter, and Facebook. Click the More Alive With Color fanguides within this post to take advantage of the Queen’s Jubilee sale. 


Empower yourself with color.

Technically Speaking

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June 1, 2012

Contrary to what most people think, color is not actually the inherent property of an object. A leaf of spinach is not actually green, nor is a strawberry red. Instead, its color is dependent upon the absorption and reflection of light waves. As a result, color is the property of light that depends of wavelength.

When the light waves reach an object, some of the light is absorbed and some is reflected. Only the reflected light is seen by the eye. A spinach leaf appears green because it reflects only the waves producing the green light. The same holds true for the red strawberry or any other colored object.

They eye and the associated nerves register the reflected color on the retina, a light-sensitive membrane in the back of the eye containing rods and cones. The rods and cones define the color and the shape of the object by transforming the radiant energy into chemical energy, sending impulses to the optic nerve. The optic nerve registers the message and sends it to the control center-the brain. After this entire and rather complicated process, we become aware of the color of any given object.

That explains the physical phenomenon. However, color perception goes beyond the physical effects and ultimately includes the emotional impact upon the viewer. The psychological significance that is based on the viewer’s previous experiences, color associations, cultural conditioning, societal influences, frame of mind, and personality all play into the final interpretation. It is truly a fascinating pathway to the ultimate perception of color.


Here is a link to the full article about color perceptions and how it is effected by language.

How language affects color perception – Boing Boing.

For more color answers read my book The Color Answer Book.

We Are More Alive With Color In Taiwan

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May 17, 2012

As you may have read that I was recently in Taiwan doing a project for Giant Bikes. What you may not have read is that while in Taiwan I got to spend some time with a lovely group of women who are Taiwanese More Alive With Color consultants.

This lovely partnership came about from a relationship that I developed with one of the translators named Melody Hong. Melody and I became fast friends with the common love of color, of course.

We enjoyed a fabulous and visually stunning dinner.

Following the meal was a ceremony where I presented the new graduates with their certificates of completion. This is a wonderful accomplishment for them.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to have such a handsome group of ladies to promote the love of color for Taiwan. Keep your eye out for their pictures on the consultants page. We are adding new faces regularly and growing our More Alive With Color territory.

Is there a More Alive With Color consultant in your area?

Stay tuned for more imagery.

Pop Goes The Tangerine Tango Shop

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May 8, 2012

One of our colleagues and former students, Denise Lampron, is an image consultant, stylist and a color design consultant in Los Angeles. She attended a Pantone/Sephora Tangerine Tango event in the “Pop-up” Shop at the Grove in LA– a fun place to shop for all kinds of goodies. This is the report she sent us….

“The event was attended by the press, stylists and ‘corporate’ from 3-6 pm, and from 6-9 pm by the public. The Pop-up Shop was ideally located in the ‘park area’ of The Grove. It was a warm, sunny day and an ideal backdrop for the happy, bright introduction of Tangerine Tango.”

“The Sephora personnel were knowledgeable, friendly and appeared to be genuinely excited about being at the event. The Pop-up Shop was impeccable. The displays were very high end looking, eye catching, creative and, of course, bright and bold. The Sephora make up artist I spoke with referred to the psychology of TT (she paid attention in your lecture!)”


“The catering company did a lovely job of re-creating the TT theme in the food.”

It was a festive opening with lots of interest.

 Thank you, Denise, for sharing.  Especially loved the picture of you (in orange) taking a picture of you taking a picture!!

Something Old. Something New. Something Borrowed That’s Not True About Blue

May 2, 2012 § 3 Comments

May 2, 2012

I hope my readers will forgive my taking a moment to vent. I love that there is more information available on the web concerning color psychology, when it is properly vetted and accurate. But I really dislike the propagation of information that is based on old information and urban legends. For example, the following article appeared on a graphic design website . It is attractively done and I am certain that these people mean well, are interested in educating others and are trying to show the importance of color, so please read the following copy and look for my comments at the end.



{BLUE} The color of peace and tranquility. It’s been stated that people are more productive in blue rooms. Although, be careful. It can cause feelings of sadness…we don’t want to cause people to have “A case of the Monday’s”. While blue can calm people, it can also decrease your appetite. People typically stay away from blue foods (aside from blueberries and plums)…blue is usually an indication that something has spoiled or is poisonous. If you want to eat less, eat off of a blue plate. 

{FUN BLUE FACT}: In Columbia, Blue is associated with soap. Yep, soap. Can’t get more random than that!

 Leatrice Eiseman says:

Love that you are promoting the use of color and helping to educate people about it, but sorry–there are no definitive studies about blue suppressing appetite. As matter of fact, blue china and dinnerware is a big seller all over the world, cobalt blue glasses and glass plates are very popular (think Williams Sonoma and Mexican glassware) so you would think there would lots of thin people as a result, whereas people are getting fatter, especially in U.S. That is an urban legend, especially when blue berry flavors are mixed in smoothies, drinks and with yogurts. There are blue potatoes now, blue corn chips, blue m&ms, blue sweet enticements on cakes and pastries. My advice is not to pick up on the old urban legends without checking more recent and credible info. I have written seven books on color, have three websites and a blog and am always looking at more current info to update the old legends that simply are no longer true.


One more point; as I point out in my books, not all blues speak of serenity. There are electric blues,that, just as the name implies, speak of excitement and high energy.

Enroll Today!

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April 19, 2012


Dear Color Lover,

My next 4-Day Color/Design class will be held from July 12 through July 15, 2012 in Washington State. I hope you will join us for this exciting training program that will enable you to expand your career (as well as your thinking) into more lucrative and creative color consulting areas.

We are located on Bainbridge Island, a half-hour ferry ride across Puget Sound from Seattle, WA. For now you will need to know that you fly into SEA-TAC International Airport, take a cab or shuttle into Seattle and then take a gorgeous ferry boat ride across the Sound.

A much more detailed information letter will be sent to those of you who register for the class, but if you have any questions or need additional information in order to decide if you would like to attend, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


I look forward to hearing from you!

206-842-4456 (Ph)

206-842-6498 (Fax)

Taiwan Colored Glasses and Bikes

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April 12, 2012

We recently returned from Taiwan where I did a color training program for Giant Bikes. They were marvelous hosts and their design teams outstanding in the presentations they did in their workshops. The design director is Edward Chiang and when I had first met him I told him that I thought he had a very famous family name, as in the name of Chiang Kai-Shek, Taiwan’s venerated former political leader. Edward informed me that this was his great-grandfather and that his great grandmother was the famous Madame Chiang Kai-shek.


Many of you will know the Giant brand. They build sturdy and handsome bikes that are sold internationally, so they were most interested in international trends and the psychology of lifestyle in making color decisions. Another specific interest involved their Liv line for women and it too is a quality product.

 Liv/giant Avail Inspire – News | Giant Bicycles | United States.

They are very thoughtful and conscientious about their color choices and it was a real delight to work with them. While in Taichung, we also got to see James Soames of Subkarma, co-owner of a fabulous branding company we have worked with in the past. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to connect with his alter-ego and partner, brother Tony Soames, but I had just seen them at the International Housewares Show in Chicago where I do a keynote every year and had asked them to join me on the podium the next day to discuss cultural differences (or similarities) between Asian markets and U.S.


As always, we were gifted with some wonderful goodies (that is such a lovely Asian tradition) including a beautiful glass piece from an amazing glass artist name Loretta H. Yang.  

Click the image for a link to her spectacular work that truly glows with color.

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